Thursday, July 16, 2015


We are analyzing and observing two kinds of data. The first kind of data are of young red stars. Using the coordinates of the stars we are able to observe them at different wavelengths. We compile the pictures of it together to see if its observable across all wavelengths. The main image servers we are using are WISE, 2MASS, and SAO DSS. The images are compiled together using DS9. In addition to comparing data and pictures of stars, we are working on creating Outreach projects. Outreach is a way to educate younger audiences about the Universe, and everything inside it. The projects work to inspire children to pursue astronomy, and teach them something new. One Outreach project is the creation of an interactive way to teach children about the distance between planets in our Solar System. It has to be able to be used in a festival setting. The other one was creating a write up on a spectroscopy demonstration.

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