Wednesday, July 15, 2015

2015 Internship Day 8: Almost done coding and DS9

I am almost done learning how to code. YAYYYY!!!!! Also, we began looking at some data Kristina gave us on young stars. We are looking at them through images collected in DS9 (Deep Space 9- but not Star Trek) and are seeing if there are any sources of interference. Unfortunately there wasn't much we could do today because an image server was down and they had a lot of the infared images we needed.

For lunch, Leander and I met up with the other interns and ate some pizza then learned about what the freshmen project at the CIS. Each year the incoming freshmen class are tasked with collectively building a new imaging system. It sounds really cool. I really liked learning about the device that allowed for the image to be viewed from many light sources and the camera that could focus on only one item. That camera could see through things which is so cool and could be really useful in the world, especially with law enforcement.

Also its really cold and I feel like it should be September but its only the middle of July. Why Rochester? Why?

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