Wednesday, July 8, 2015

2015 Internship Day Three: The Archimedes Palimpsest and more Outreach

Today (July 8th)  was my third day of the RIT internship at the College of Imaging Science.

 After the morning meeting we headed off to our lab and began working on our outreach projects, and doing a bit of reading as well. (I ended up finishing my reading today) Leander and I figured out what projects we wanted to do and began to do some write ups with instructions for them.

 However, around 11:45, we took a break for lunch and headed over to the Carlson building to listen to a lecture by Prof. Easton on his work with historical imaging and the Archimedes palimpsest, and other historical documents. It was really, really fascinating. I think that'd be a really cool job, traveling the world and figuring out what old overwritten documents say. I like learning about history, especially learning about how the scientists of the more ancient times. We also got a free pizza lunch which was cool too.

 After the lecture, we continued working on different outreach projects. We also learned a bit about possible science/research projects we might be doing but we probably won't get more into it until next week. Which is fine because I've been having fun coming up with different outreach projects. We got two typed up and I have around three that I can type up at a later time. 

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