Thursday, July 9, 2015

2015 Internship Day Four: More outreach and lunchtime presentations

Today at my internship we headed straight over to the astronomical imaging lab and began working on our outreach projects. I worked on writing up two of my ideas, and creating power points to go along with them. Around lunchtime we headed back to the Carlson building for a free lunch (Yummy) and a meeting with other astronomy students to hear about what kind of projects they are doing.

It was really interesting and fun learning about different kinds of projects they are working on. I didn't understand a lot of the math since they were presenting it to their peers, and not highschool students. That being said, it was still really cool to see all of the presentations and here about their work. After the talk, I chatted with another student about going to school at RIT and what Imaging Science is like. 

After lunch we headed back to the lab and began working on our outreach projects more. Towards the end I began working on learning Python, which is a kind of computer software that has its own sort of language. I'm using a website to teach myself it and will work more with it probably tomorrow and over the weekend. 

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