Thursday, August 6, 2015

2015 Internship Day 24: Work and Defense

Today was another exciting day. Around ten in the morning Leander, Kristina and I went to see Marcus, a man in our lab,'s Phd defense. He presented on his research on nebulae. I found it really interesting, but there were a few technical terms I was confused on but in general I understood a lot of it, and enjoyed it. After that we returned to the lab and I continued on my spreadsheet.

The last astronomy lunch was today, and I went with Kristina (Leander was helping the other interns) We learned that Marcus got is Phd which was very exciting. I also got to say goodbye to Matt who I had been working next to during the internship.

Leander came back after lunch and began helping me with my list. Unfortunately we had to change what data we were taking down, but luckily it was an easy fix and not really that much of a delay.

Tomorrow I plan to finish up the spreadsheets and generate some graphs, and then work on my presentation.

Also Bob brought donuts which was again very awesome.

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